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Business Audit

Business audit amendedIf you’re running a busy veterinary practice, finding time to catch up on paperwork, let alone evaluating how the practice is actually performing, can seem an impossible task.  But do you actually know how efficiently and effectively your practice is operating? Can you assess what its strengths and weaknesses are? If not, how can you ensure that you’re steering the practice on a successful course?

Key Facts

Your practice is a business – make sure it’s in great shape!

Being busy isn’t the same as being profitable – find out how your practice is really doing

Review your business processes and procedures then plan for a more efficient future

How can it help?

Virbac Business Audit is an online toolkit that can give a comprehensive business audit of your practice in key areas such as finance, management systems and HR. With three levels of audit to choose from you can get a snapshot of your practice using our online self-audits or a more in-depth analysis with one of our business consultants.

All our business audits will help to:

  • Provide an objective perspective on the business aspects of your practice
  • Improve return on investment in areas such as training, marketing and finance
  • Identify areas with potential for further development or improvement

We will also provide recommendations on how you can implement the changes suggested as a result of the audit.

Click the link below to take the audit!