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Client Satisfaction Skills

Client Satisfaction SkillsWith so much choice available, clients will go elsewhere if you do not offer the level of service they expect. Our Client Satisfaction Skills training programme helps you to ‘tick all the boxes’ and offer a level of service which will ensure clients always come back.

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For more information contact your Virbac Territory Manager for details of eligibility criteria and discounted and free service.

Key Facts

Satisfied clients are the lifeblood of your practice

They are also your biggest source of referrals.  They shouldn’t just be satisfied – they should be delighted!

Gaining repeat business is much easier than winning new clients. 

Focus on what makes clients stay with you

How can it help?

This one day workshop covers topics that are important in providing overall client satisfaction as noted below. When completed, the workshop will ensure that your team is proficient at identifying client needs and satisfying them in a way that builds client loyalty and adds value to the practice. The following areas will be covered:

  • The factors which combine to create client satisfaction and the role of all members of the team
  •  ‘Intelligent questioning’ – helping members of staff to understand client needs and ensure clients feel listened to and valued at all times
  • How your team can add value to client discussions by highlighting the benefits of a particular service or product
  • Developing best practice in handling concerns and objections, empowering your staff to handle situations where the owner may not understand fully or have a concern about a recommended therapeutic approach
  • How to secure commitment from clients in a way that ensures that they are comfortable with their choice.

Each workshop is supported by a PowerPoint presentation workbook, handouts, activity sheets and materials for self assessment.

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