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Receptionist Training

Receptionist Training amendedYour reception team is the first point of contact between you and your clients.

Price £

For more information contact your Virbac Territory Manager for details of eligibility criteria.

Why not help them to run a reception so friendly, yet so professional and efficient, that clients become loyal, lifelong customers who recommend you to others?

Key Facts

Your receptionists are the public face of your practice

They make a lasting impact on your clients – make sure it’s a positive one!

They have to deal with distressed and upset clients.  Help them manage these difficult situations

How can it help?

We can offer your reception team places on the popular receptionist training sessions held by veterinary marketing consultant Onswitch aboard its special training bus which travels around the UK. These interactive workshops, based around its ‘5 steps’ approach, help receptionists learn practical ways in which to develop their skills in important areas including handling telephone calls, dealing with unhappy clients and overcoming issues. The training will help your reception team to create memorable client experiences – for all the right reasons!

Click the link below to register your interest in attending our Receptionist Masterclass.