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Total Compliance Toolkit

Total Compliance AmendedGood compliance management is essential but is not always easy. Sadly, uncompliant owners are less likely to see their pet’s health problem fully resolved and as a result may have a less positive

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impression of your practice, despite your best efforts. This makes doing all you can to maximise the likelihood of compliance essential. Our Total Compliance Toolkit can help you communicate successfully for the full duration of a treatment programme.

Key Facts

Clients won’t see the value of something they don’t understand – education is key!

A team approach will deliver best results

What should best practice look like and how can your whole team achieve it?

How can it help?

Our Total Compliance Toolkit is packed with downloadable information that all members of the practice team can use, including leaflets on a range of topics that you can give to clients. These include:

  • Applying eye medicines
  • Controlling fleas
  • Having your pet vaccinated
  • Old age aches and pains
  • Pet skin problems
  • Recovering from surgery
  • Recovering from surgery: orthopaedics
  • Tummy upsets in pets

Our range of client information leaflets will be regularly updated. Check back for updates soon!

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