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Visio Care Consult

Visio Care Consult Screen GrabDo you sometimes need additional resources when explaining your diagnosis to an owner and what it

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For more information contact your Virbac Territory Manager for details of eligibility criteria and discounted and free service.

actually means for their pet? How about trying Visio’Care Consult™ - an advanced interactive screen-based tool for you to use in the consulting room and email to your clients?

Key Facts

A visual, animated approach makes complex explanations easier to understand

They are also easier to remember and reinforce your verbal advice

Using the latest technology gives a great impression of your practice!

How can it help?

Visio Care Consult helps your team explain a diagnosis using videos, the very latest animations and 3D images.  It also shows them the effect of the therapeutic options you’re recommending.  It’s a great way to show a potentially complex health problem visually and is already receiving great feedback from practices which have trialled it.

Visio Care Consult is web-based and can also be provided as an iPad application.

Click here to download the Visio Care Consult detailer